One Murder At A Time

A True Crime podcast that provides the scoop on murders and the people surrounding them

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SE2, Ep2 - Mark Twitchell Filmmaker killer


In this episode we cover Mark Twitchell a Filmmaker that takes his love for a Serial Killer TV show way too far.

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SE2 Ep1-Chris Coleman Murders


It's a new season of true crime! We are back with a new episode on Chris Coleman.

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SE1 Ep11. Murder or Suicide? The Case of Jchandra Brown


We cover the Utah case of Jchandra Brown

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10. Murder of Sylvia Likens


In this episode we discuss the heinous acts of violence and murder of 16 year old Sylvia Likens

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9. Ghost Witness For the Prosecution


This episode is around the case of the Greenbrier Ghost and the only known case in which testimony from a Ghost helped convict a murderer.

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8. The Tragic Case of Jacob Wetterling


This episode we discuss the murder of 11 year old Jacob Wetterling

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7. The Ken and Barbie Murders


In this episode we go over the Canadian case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and their crimes of rape and murder to several young girls.

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6. Jake Evans Texas Murder


Seventeen year old Jake Evans Murders his sister and his mother.

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5. Unsolved Virginia Murders


Mandy and Tracy discuss a few fun TV show thoughts and then dive right into two unsolved murder cases from Virginia.

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4. The Psychosis of Sam


This episode is about a concert trip with a killer ending. A murder in Farmville VA

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